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FREE FIRE Diamond Hack 99,999 App | FREE FIRE Diamond Generator Without Human Verification


FREE FIRE Diamond Hack 99,999 App | FREE FIRE Diamond Generator Without Human Verification

Free Fire diamond hack 99999: Are you here for learning the Free Fire Diamond Hack 99,999 Tricks? SKFlix is here for sharing this trick with you guys. Here we will share the Free Fire unlimited diamond hack trick to you. We have a YouTube channel and there people ask us for how to get diamonds in free fire etc. In this post I will share you the secret methods for Free Fire diamond hack 99999.

Topics will be covered : 

  • Free Fire diamond generator 
  • How to get unlimited diamonds in free fire
  • Free Fire unlimited diamond hack app
  • Free Fire diamond hack generator 2021
You can safely follow our methods of getting Free Fire diamonds without purchasing top up. This is not any illegal method. This method totally fair and legit. Let's me share you unlimited free fire diamond hack trick now. 

Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Hack

If you are searching for how to get unlimited diamonds in free fire, then this is impossible.There are not any trick for doing this. But using some hack tricks, you can get 99,999 diamonds in free fire. The hacks, which we will share in this article will be 100% legal. 

Free Fire diamond are used to buy Free Fire Characters, Emotes, Dress, Gun Skins, Pets, Outfit. You can say that, Free Fire diamonds are the money of Free Fire. You can get any items by exchanging the diamonds in free fire. To purchase the Free Fire diamonds you need to top-up of diamonds.Free Fire has various diamond top-up plans or offers. But these are very expensive that every player cannot buy it. 

If you are here for getting free diamonds, then let me say you that there are many ways to do it. 

Free Fire Airdrop Bundle Offer To Hack Free Fire

Special Airdrop offer is very popular in Free Fire. Every day Free Fire gives you a Airdrop bundle offer. In this offer there are 90% discount in purchasing emotes, gun skin and diamonds. Using this offer you can get the Free Fire diamonds in very cheap price. But this offer stands for a very limited time. You can see this offer in you Free Fire game home page with a countdown timer.

FREE FIRE Diamond Hack 99,999 App, FREE FIRE air drop bundle

Using this offer you can top-up diamonds in very cheap price. So if you want to purchase diamonds you can purchase this in  this time.

In this offer you can get 200 diamonds to 5000 diamonds under rs 10 to 200. If you purchase 100 diamonds in normal time you have to pay 100 rupees for this . If you want to purchase diamonds from this offer then follow the following steps.

How To Get Free Fire Diamonds From Bundle Offer

  1. Open your Free Fire app and sign in with your ID.
  2. Tap on the diamond offer box.
  3. Next you will be redirect to google play store for purchase.
  4. Select your payment method and click next.
  5. Now enter your billing information.
  6. Now verify the account
  7. Then you will be redirect in the Free Fire main app.
  8. You can see your top-up has been completed. 

Free Fire Diamond Hack By Google Play Store Redeem Code

You can get free diamonds using google play store redeem code. You can get Rs. 150 free credit in Google play store. Google Play Store offers some redeem codes, and using these codes you can get free credits in your Google Play Store account. You can use this credits in In-App purchase. Use these credits in your Free Fire diamond top up. This offer is available for specific users in specific times. You can search for this offers in Google or YouTube. You can also follow our YouTube channel for getting this offers. 

How to Get Diamonds in Free Fire 99999

The Free Fire gamers always search how to get diamonds in free fire. If you want to be a pro free fire player, then you should have premium Free Fire items. You have to buy those items using diamonds. This is why Free Fire players want to get free diamonds in Free Fire. Let's learn about some awesome tricks of regarding it. 

At first, understand that you cannot hack Free Fire. So we will share how you can get diamonds without any money. Using this Free Fire diamond hack generator trick you can get unlimited diamonds in your Free Fire account. Let's solve millions of Free Fire player's question how to get unlimited diamonds in Free Fire.

Google Play Store Free Credit Offers 

There are many coupon, deal, offers & cashback related websites and applications. Soon we will develop a coupon and cashback related website for you. You can get many Google play Store credit redeem offers, Free Fire diamond offers etc. There are premium apps and free apps. You can use any of it. 

Best Tricks To Earn Free Diamonds

I know you are searching for free fire unlimited diamond hack tricks here. But as I have said before that you cannot hack Free Fire diamonds. Because is a big company. So its security is also very high. This is impossible to hack anything in free fire. Hacking anything is also not a good job. This is a type of cyber crime. So you also should not do this.

Only you can get diamonds in free fire using top up. For purchasing top up you need money. But if you want to get premium Free Fire items and you have not money, then you are in the right place. In this article you will learn the tricks to generate Free Fire diamonds without any money.

You can get free Free Fire diamonds even you have not to pay a single rupees. I have some awesome Free Fire diamond tricks which will help you. After finishing this article you will get diamonds in your Free Fire profile. These tricks are legal and very easy. You have to follow some methods which are in this article. There are total four methods to earn Free Fire diamonds. The methods are-

  • Free Fire membership
  • Online Survey
  • Booyah! App
  • YouTube Live SKFlix Gaming

Free Fire Membership Method

Free Fire has a membership plan for Free Fire players. This is the best method of getting free Free Fire diamonds everyday. The membership plan is two types. The first one is Rs 159 and the second is Rs 599. The RS 159 plan is valid for one week and the Rs 599 is valid for one month. In this membership plan Free Fire gives you 60 diamonds everyday. The cost of 60 diamonds is 60 rupees, So if you subscribe the Rs 159 plan you will get Rs 420 value of diamonds,

Ok, the Free Fire weekly membership plan is little costly. But as I have said you need not spend any money from your pocket. So in the next section I will talk about how to get the Free Fire weekly membership plan for free.

How to Subscribe Weekly Membership

  1. Open Free Fire game application and sign in with your id.
  2. Choose the Membership option that you want to subscribe.
  3. Now purchase and enter payment information.
  4. You will get your membership after that.

Online Survey

You can find a lot of survey websites online which pay you for completing surveys. I have used many of then and also earned money. But most of the websites are scam. Google Taskmate is a legit app for earning money completing survey. Because this is a product of Google. You can earn real money from this application and you can buy Free Fire weekly membership for free. 

Free fire diamond generator, google task mate

In google taskmate app you can earn upto Rs 200 by investing your 1 hour. Using this money you can buy your membership. There are also short tasks available. Completing these tasks you can earn money. You can redeem the amount as Google Play Store credit or in your wallet and then use them in Free fire diamond hack membership.

Booyah App

Booyah App is the official application from Gareena for game streaming. This is like a gem for the Free Fire live streamers. You can do live in Facebook and YouTube using your mobile. You also can watch live stream of popular gamers.

You can see live gaming in this app. The streamers provide some diamond and other rewards for watching their live stream. So you can win diamonds by watching live stream for 30 minutes. You can say that this is the official Free Fire diamond hack app 2021.

How to Get Free Fire Diamonds from Booyah App

  1. Go to Google Play Store and download Booyah App. 
  2. Login into this app with Facebook or Google.
  3. Click on the live section. 
  4. You can see many live streams offering rewards. 
  5. Watch a live stream for 30 minutes. 
  6. You will get a drop and open it. 
  7. Go to your Free Fire app and claim your diamonds.

SKFlix Gaming YouTube Channel

Our website has a official YouTube channel SKFlix gaming. In this channel we upload daily rewards videos with redeem code. Subscribe the channel and watch our videos. After watching it you can get redeem codes. You can redeem awesome rewards using this redeem codes. 

Every week we give 30 diamonds to our subscribers. So subscribe the channel to get diamonds every week clicking the subscribe button. 

Also we give Dj Alok every week monday. So you also can win Dj Alok for free. Free Fire diamond top-up bonus offer is a website where you can top-up Free Fire diamonds. This is a safe and official website for Free Fire diamond top up. Here you can buy so many diamonds in cheap rate. They has a offer called 2X diamonds first time top-up. It gives you double diamonds for first time purchase. You also can get cash backs in your wallet. 

6. Register To Free Fire Advance Server To Get Free Diamond

Free Fire advance server is a beta server of Free Fire. You can try the new features of Free Fire which are in the beta version. Here Free Fire let you test the new upcoming features and they want a feedback from you. If you find a bug then you will get rewards for this.

So you can get a bug and inform to Free Fire and get rewards like diamonds for free from them. To get this server you have to register in it first. let's know about this in brief. 

How To Hack Free Fire Diamond Top Up

There are many players who hack the Free Fire gameplay. They cheat in game and win the game. This is a illegal activity. This can ban your account forever. But free fire diamond hack is not like the gameplay hack. This is impossible to hack a game currency,

Remember that cracking the payment system of this game is impossible. The gameplay can be hack by finding the glitch but there is no way to hack their diamond top-up system. There are many YouTubers who gives you tutorial of hacking Free Fire diamonds. But all these are fake. There are also many websites who claim to give Free Fire diamonds. But many of these are fake. You can loose your Free Fire Id for these websites. If you want to get some Free Fire diamonds then follow the steps in this article and our YouTube channel. 

How To Get 1000 Diamonds In Free Fire

You can get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire for free. You can earn Google Play Store credits and top-up 1000 diamonds in Free Fire. There are many online earning application where you can earn money by just installing the app or refer to your friends. But before start working in any application make sure that this app is original or trusted. Use the earned money in diamond top-up.

Level Up Pass In Free Fire To Get  Diamonds

Free Fire level-up pass is a game in offer for the Free Fire players. You can use this offer once in your Free Fire Id. If you have this pass you can get 4X diamonds from this pass. That means if you have 1000 diamonds, after using this pass you can get 4000 diamonds. 

This is a very useful trick to get unlimited diamonds in Free Fire. If you want to purchase this pass, you just have to pay 190 rupees. You can try this if you want to purchase diamonds for free. 

How To Get Level Up Pass

To get the Free Fire level up pass simply follow the following steps-

  1. Open Free Fire game app and sign in.
  2. You can see Level Up pass. You have to click on it.
  3. Purchase it.
  4. Complete payment information.
  5. Get your Level Up diamonds.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Mod App

Remember Free Fire has not any official diamond hack app. These apps are developed by third party person. So if you use these applications your account may be banned by Free Fire. 

You can see many Free Fire diamond hack website and mobile applications. But most of the apps and websites are useless. Many apps are illegal also and can harm your device. So carefully check the app or the website before use it. There are also so many fake diamond top up offer applications or website. They takes money from you for cheap diamonds. Thus you lose your money. So you should not use these apps. 

There are also Free Fire Mod apk hack app. Mod apks are the cracked version of a app. In this app you can get unlimited diamonds and unlocked characters. 

Free Fire Redeem Code to Get Diamonds

Free Fire redeem code is a legal way to get diamonds and many items. You can get new Free Fire redeem codes in our website or YouTube channel. We provide real redeem codes daily in our website for getting diamonds, Gloo Wall skin, gun skin etc. If you want to get diamonds from redeem code then follow the following steps-

free fire redeem code today

  1. Watch our YouTube video or Website redeem code
  2. Copy the redeem code
  3. Open Free Fire official redeem code website
  4. After that login with FaceBook which is your Free Fire Id also.
  5. After login you can see text box. Paste the 12 digit code in the text box.
  6. Click on the yellow button below. 
  7. You will get your reward

Free Fire Diamond Generator Tool Without Human Verification

Are you searching for Free Fire diamond generator tool or script. Then let me inform you that the websites and tools are not working. This websites are illegal which hack the Free Fire database. Many Free Fire diamond generator tools and websites are fake. The fake Free Fire diamond generator tool without human verification are made for earning money by showing ads to you.

There is little amount of Free Fire diamond generator tools.But you should not use this. You have to follow the above steps to get free diamonds. Otherwise spent real money for getting diamonds.

Get Unlimited Diamonds From Booyah App

Booyah is a official app for live stream of Free Fire and other popular games from Free Fire. You can do live stream in Facebook, Booyah and YouTube from your mobile using this application. This was impossible to do live stream from mobile before this app came. This is a official app of Garena.

Booyah app is made for live stream, sharing Free Fire clips and watching live tournaments and building a Free Fire community. Free Fire is a mobile game. And for stream it and help the YouTubers to stream their game in YouTube they had developed this app.

free fire diamond generator booyah app

You also can get free rewards watching the live stream. You can get gun skins, gloo wall skins, car skins, emtes and diamonds also. You can also earn money from live stream on this platform. 

  1. Download Booyah App from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and sign in with Google or Facebook.
  3. Fill your personal information regarding nickname, date of birth and country. 
  4. On the bottom click on the live button. 
  5. You can see the live tournaments. 
  6. Play the live stream. 
  7. Watch for 30 minute. 
  8. Open your drop and get rewards. 

Free Fire Diamond Generator Apk

Free Fire diamond generator apk , websites and scripts are totally fake. There is not any apk which can generate diamonds for Free Fire. If you want to get free Free Fire diamonds then try the above legal methods.


We are not providing any hacking and illegal activity in this article. This article is for information purpose only. And don't use the illegal hacks for Free Fire. Otherwise they will ban your account. 

Get Free Fire Diamond Redeem Code Video


1. Does Free Fire diamond generator work?

Free Fire is a big multinational video game company. So their cyber security department is very strong. So the Free Fire diamonds generator cannot generate diamonds cheating the security system. So the Free Fire diamond generators do not work. 

2. Can I get free diamonds in free fire?

Yes, you can get free diamonds in Free Fire without using any hack trick. Earn Google Play Store credits by online earning apps and use it in getting free Free Fire diamonds. Or you can follow the other methods that we have discussed above. 

3. Which is the best diamond generator app for free fire?

There are not any direct diamond generator app. But Booyah is the best app for get free Free Fire diamonds. 

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